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IPADDUnite on Facebook

IPADDUnite uses Facebook to communicate in two ways:

1) Our closed Facebook Group contains interactions between group members and is intended for family members of individuals with developmental disabilities along with people working in disability support and advocacy (therapists, attorneys, government benefits specialists, etc.). These discussions are very detailed and very specific to Illinois. Since this is a closed Facebook Group, posts are only seen by members of this group. Your personal Facebook friends will not see any comments you post here and will not see that you "like" or "react" to any postings here. Also, to keep posts available only to this group, posts cannot be shared. There are many frequent postings to this Group. Go to the Facebook Group by clicking the button below (must be logged into Facebook), then click the green +Join button. Membership requires approval.

2) Our Facebook Page contains more general advocacy information about disability issues in Illinois, and can be viewed by anyone. Information posted here can be shared. If you comment on any posts on the public page, it may be seen by your personal Facebook friends. You can see posts from this Page in your Facebook timeline by "liking" this group.

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