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Bill HB5931 Illinois

The PDF summary document below provides Senate and House Voting and Addresses for those voting no the first time around on this bill.

All information is publicly available on the internet but summarized here. Objective is to get “nay” voters from first time around to vote “yea”.  Send letters, send emails, make phone calls.

House:  67 “yeas”, 43 “nays”. Virtually all nay votes were republicans.

Senate:  Virtually all of the Republican members votes “no” and the democrats voted “yes”. Had 40 “yeas” and 18 “nays”.

Author’s note:


I recently became aware that Bill HB5931 that amends the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Administrative Act and the Illinois Public Aid Code was vetoed by the Governor. I have been involved with individuals with disabilities for almost 30 years as my daughter has Down Syndrome. The people that provide care for people with disabilities really deserve and need our support. There has not been an increase in funding for years and if anyone in our society deserves an increase in wages, these people do. They work tirelessly to make our world a better place by taking care of those most in need. Please support this bill by voting “yea”!

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